Balay Samaritano sa Sugbo

  • To promote and strengthen the general welfare of abandoned, neglected, abused and exploited children and youth in a family.
  • To build up the rights of the children.
Philippines (Partner)

Cebu City is considered as one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. About 80 percent of the island vessels operating in the country are also based here. During the last years of the 1980s, growth has been spread to the countryside. Thus, the name "Queen City of the South" was assumed. Aside from shell crafts, rattan furniture and stone craft, tourism may well rake in dollars.

Cebu City is located on the central eastern part of Cebu Province, an island at the center of the Visayas in Southern Philippines. It is a highly-urbanized city. The population reached 799,762 people in 2007.

  • Assist in strengthening parents involvement.
  • Assist the trainers/facilitators in volunteer activities.
  • Assist the capacity building programs and activities.
  • Mingle with the children/volunteers and other clients/partners without prejudice and to share also his/her experiences from the country where she/he came from.
  • Teach either English, Math and or Science during tutorials.
  • Believe that education is a tool to development.
  • Love children.
  • Have a bigger heart for the disadvantaged, less privileged.
  • Is flexible and able to adopt the situation.
  • Is independent.
  • Is adventurous and fun loving.


Reading Program.

Workshop/capacity building.

Special Tutorial Classes (Science, Math and English).

Arts, dance, singing, etc.  workshops.

Development of life skills.

Values Formation.


Tipo di alloggio

The volunteer will live with a family that will provide lodge and board.

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