Casa Hogar Temporal BENCALETH

“Casa Hogar Temporal BENCALETH (Temporary Home BENCALETH)” is a center that provides individual attention to physically and mentally disabled children and youths. Most of the children and youths present advanced cases of cerebral palsy.

Approximately 20 children and youths from different ages (usually 4-17 years old) are living in the center, where they can attend school, receive physical and educational therapy and participate in different kinds of activities.

The main aims are reached through:
- Physical therapy.
- Social Work.
- Psychology.


Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., Francisco Morazán


The volunteer could participate in any of the activities carried out at the center. He/she could:
- Give support to the educators.
- Teach subjects like art, sports and English.
- Accompany the children and youths to walks and visits.
- Help the trainers with physical rehabilitation; he/she will be trained and accompanied by a professional trainer.
- Organize any kind of activity to spend time with the children and youths.


Age: Older than 20 years old.
Gender: Indifferent.
Languages: Basic Spanish.
Studies: Minimum high school degree, although advanced studies of some type are preferred. Studying or interest in studying a topic related to the job description.
Abilities and Attitudes: Mature person, responsible, flexible and to have plenty of initiative.
Religion: Indifferent.


Some of the activities that Casa Hogar Temporal BENCALETH develops are:
- Recreational activities.
- Spiritual formation.
- Lessons in handcrafts, i.e. painting.
- Non-formal education.
- Physical therapy.

Tipo di alloggio

Living with a host family

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Project available for August 2011 and January 2012.

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