The Da Vinci School and Kindergarten


The Da Vinci school and the Da Vinci Kindergarten are both private institutions with a holistic pedagogic approach. Both institutions are connected to each other, and work closely together. Volunteers are involved in the Da Vinci school and kindergarten and have the possibility to work in both.


The Da Vinci school and the Da Vinci Kintergarten are located in Hartberg, a small town in Styria (South-East of Austria). Hartberg has around 10000 inhabitants and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape.
Both institutions are connected to each other, as we will work closely together. The building of the Kindergarten is brand new - It will be finished in August 2010 and we will open the Kindergarten in September 2010.
The DAVINCI Kindergarten and the DAVINCI School are located beside each other in the ÖKO-Park, which is a bit out of the center.
There is a bus (for free) which takes you every hour to the center (40 Minutes walking time). Hartberg also has a train Station.
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Preferable minimum duration 12 weeks, we are able to host volunteers up to 9 month.
Please note that due to the Austrian Visa situation Non-EU-citizens can stay for max. 12 weeks.


Volunteers are involved in the school and in the kindergarten activities.
Responsibilities in the Kindergarten would be most importantly just speaking English with the children.
Doing an English Program with the children twice or three times a week
- Playing with the children and keeping them safe, while being together with them
- Helping to prepare snacks for the children
- Helping to keep the group tidy
- Helping to dress the children when we go into the garden/ into the wood

A day in the kindergarten can look like:
07.00 – 08:30 We open the group, parents bring the children, Free play time, creative offerings, gym
08:30 – 09:00 Morning circle
09:00 -10:30 Garden time, gym, english programm, pedagogical offering, free play time
10.30 – 11:00 Snack Time
11:00 – 12.30 pedagogical offer: english programm, childconference
12.30-13.00 Garden time, Children are fetched by the parents

Responsibilities in the school
- Doing an English program twice a week
- Talking in English all the time with everybody

English and Spanish Programmes
The English program could be for example to teach the children about the Native Speakers culture, about ecological, sustainable, natural and healthy way of life, about the environment, animals and plants, the food circle, the weather circle, and especially topics that match to the projects we do with the children. As we see our native speaker as a member of our team, we will work together. In our Kindergartens we learn in a playful way, it would be great, if she/he had any songs, games for the morning circle and so on.


We would like to host an English and/or Spanish native speaker. The intern should be motivated to to work with children, be able to work indepndant and to bring Enthusiasm and motivation for the project.
Creativity, being spontaneous, or to have a musical sense is more than welcome.
As we run the school and the kindergarten environmental friendly you should be open or have an ecological attitude.
Your working language is simply English or Spanish, depending on the programm you are in! German or any other languages are not required.


School and kindergarten activities.

Tipo di alloggio

We provide full board and lodging for our Volunteers.

Volunteers have single rooms with shared washing and cooking facilities. Volunteers can be accommodated in a organic farm close to Hartberg or in a shared flat. A detailed describtion will be given to you before you start your project.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

We provide full board and lodging for our volunteers.
As we try to live ecologically, we will not buy imported food. We provide basic food/ staple (like oil, salt, flower, sugar, vinegar, pasta). The organic farm provides eggs, milk, vegetables, meat, applejuice etc.

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