Il Rifugio é amore - Jocelyn Rick dalla Germania in Italia

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Ten months of volunteer service, 10 months of Pizza, Pasta and „la dolce vita“- 10 months of Italy that are almost finished. I can still remember when I packed my things in October of 2016, excited, but also with no idea what was actually waiting for me.

And now I find myself at the end of my EVS (European volunteer service), I learned a lot, met interesting people, and still can´t believe to be at home again in less than two weeks and leave everything behind.

I´m Jocelyn, 20 years old, and I have been living and working for almost 10 month at the „Rifugio Re Carlo Alberto“, which is a retirement home, specialized in Alzheimer and other dementia, in a little village in the mountains of Piedmont. Part of my daily work is to help at meal time to feed the people, but mostly I´m involved in the animation. We have some weekly activities to which we accompany the elderly, like to church, music therapy, gymnastic or gardening. Other activities we do with them are cooking, sewing, trips to nearby villages or a monthly birthday party, where we dance a lot.

I live together with 5 other volunteers from different countries, who are like a family to me now. We spend most of our time together, make different trips or just go out on the weekend to have a pizza and a beer. But the most important thing is that we can talk together about all the nice, but also the difficult moments we live during our work. We know each other very well, so it´s easy to us  to support each other at work. In our weekly meetings with our mentor we are allowed to talk about private issues, but also organize the activities for the next week, so we have the chance to propose our own ideas.

The reason for our work, our volunteer service, is to bring the people who live here a little bit of joy and to make them happy. Often it´s about the little things, like a hug, a nice talk , to dance with them, or to show them that they are still able to do a thing they thought they couldn´t do anymore. The affection we show when we spend time together is the most important thing, and they give it back to us.

„Il Rifugio é amore“- The Rifugio is love, is what describes my time here the best way possible. If it´s the friendship between us volunteers or the smile the residents give us when we show up, at Rifugio everything is about making the life of everybody a little bit happier and this is made with patience and love. 10 month ago I would have never imagined how much I would have adored all these people here and that sometimes the smallest thing can make such a big difference, and that is exactly what impressed me the most about my time in Italy.


Jocelyn Rick from Germany, EVS in Italy 2016-17