Community engagement


Physical demand


  • All meals included yes
  • Free beverages no
  • Persons per room 4
  • Wifi in public areas no
  • Laundry facilities si
  • Safety box no
  • Lockable rooms yes
  • Hot shower yes
  • Private bathroom no
  • Western toilet yes
  • Bed linen no
  • Towels yes
  • Air conditioning no
  • Heating no
  • Fan yes
  • Mosquito protection yes

Program & Schedule

Volunteers must have some basic and working knowledge of English. Skills in teaching, sports, music, arts and other specialised skills that is unique to the volunteers are most welcome. People with additional working experience with children in areas of teaching, tutoring, counselling, therapy or sports will be a bonus to us. Both men and women will be given equal opportunities to work in the project.

  • Volunteer Tasks & Role (including indicative working hours):
  • Teach / home school new entrants
  • Assist in after school revision / tuition
  • Tell stories focusing on morals and values
  • Teach extra-curricular activities (crafts, painting, music, dance)
  • Engage children in sports activities in the evenings
  • Take up spoken English classes for children / staff
  • Counsel children / staff
  • Celebrate festivals
  • Organize outings / picnics
  • Organize fun camps during holidays

Living & Location

The definition of the “Local community” in our project is from villages, towns and cities from the same state and neighbouring states. They are a mix of cultural, social and economical background.
Our children are primarily from the home state or neighbouring states only.

Project has volunteer’s guest house. Food and accommodations are provided by the project.

Country information

Having the volunteers live with us also gives us all an opportunity to learn about people, food, culture & geographical backgrounds of our volunteers. We also enjoy sharing the rich cultural heritage of India, our country though food, celebrations and other such exciting activities.