Educational Tours

Educational Tours

AFSAI since 1958 organizes and propose Educational Tours for groups coming to Italys. We work with Universities, Schools, Private companies and No-profit Organizations.

The Tours can be done during the whole year. The duration depends on your necessity since we do organize ad-hoc in measure tours.

Our organizations believe that these activities are in line with our Mission to promote intercultural learning by experiencing others cultures.

the tours can be done all’over Italy and can be itinerant touching different cities or just concertate in one city only. We can also offer the possibility to visit other countries in Europe.

AFSAI offers several itineraries of Educational Tours throughout Italy. From Tuscany to Sicily, from Puglia to Piedmont.
The tours include different types of activities: cultural, tourist, social and environmental.

The duration of the tours varies from 8 days to 3 weeks and the offers can be adapted to the needs of each group.

The minimum number of participants in groups is 12 people and there are no age limits.

We are open to any request, our experience with American universities allows us to ensure safety, quality and maximum seriousness.