Villa Villacolle

Villa Villacolle

Villa VillaColle is a house where lives a family that hosts small children (0 – 5 years old) abandoned by their families.

This is a “Foster home” a “Casa Famiglia”, on a voluntary basis. Both parents are educators with a long experience as social workers. They have three boys who live at home.

The best thing for children is to live in their families but, if not possible, another family can give them something close to what they need, and the aim of Villa Villa colle is to give the kids the care and support they need while they are away from their families.

The numbers of kids we host can vary, but usually we host from one to 3 kids.

They host children for short period (1 year maximum) while the social service help the original family to solve their problems or to find the long term solution for the kids.

Villa Villacolle is based live out in the countryside. The family life style is very simple, they like to grow their own food, to cut and collect the wood in the forest for the winter. The family has a small farm with honey bees, a vegetable garden, some fruit trees and many chestnuts. They are vegetarian. The family would like to host people that understand their choices and that can help them to put them into practice.

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